Saturday, March 12, 2022

Back to the big blue!

Its been a couple of years and I've decided with all the instate travel to start flying again. It's been a combination of necessity and watching my kids get a little older so now I'm a bit more comfortable getting back behind the yoke. I started looking at CP aviation in at in Santa Paula. Given the distance between my home and that airport I think I've decided to go with Channel Islands aviation. I checked out a 172SP at Channel Islands aviation a couple of years ago and while it's more expensive I feel more comfortable at a controlled airport. Camarillo may not be too excited about having another private pilot there. It's kind of a joke but there's a lot of jet traffic Anne the propeller guys are just too slow. I remember last time I was in the pattern they wanted me to keep my speed up. I'll keep posting updates as I get through the Rusty Pilor course, handle my medical, and start down the road to an IFR rating.