Trip Reports

March 19th, 2011 on the Peace Dive Boat for a four tank dive and met some great people and crew.

We started the day at Scorpion Anchorage on Santa Cruz @ 53 ft for 42 minutes in about 10ft of visibility. There was not Kelp at this site and no fish which was disappointing. There were however all kinds of starfish, fuzzy, blue, red, yellow, long limbs short limbs... Pretty wild.

Next we moved to Anacapa to dive Goldfish Bowl. Like Scorpion this is at the base of a cliff and also around sixty feet. Here there were more fish and an area I could only describe as a mussels worst nightmare. This is an area of maybe 120 sqft covered inches deep in empty blue shells. We had a Sea lion come down to play with us near the end of the dive which was a fun end of the dive to 54ft for 43 min. 

The last dive spot of the day was Island Reef on the back of Anacapa. Visibility there was great, more than double the previous two spots. Sweet pinnacle dive with tons of life, sea lions, urchins, mollusks, and topped off by a four foot spotted shark. Because this is a pinnacle we dove the deep circuit first 52 ft for 47 min followed by a shallow circuit at 44ft for 41 min. 

Overall a very nice day of diving.